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Welcome to my practice website. I would be honored to support you during this time. Please note that due to COVID-19, therapy services are conducted remotely. Testing is being offered in three manners: 1) remotely using videoconferencing technology, 2) in a hybrid fashion whereby portions are conducted remotely and some are face to face following appropriate safety and social distancing guidelines, and 3) in person following appropriate safety and social distancing guidelines. Please note that in person assessments are conducted on a case by case basis. Please contact me to discuss this further and how I may best help you and/or your family.



Cassady Casey, Psy.D.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with extensive experience working with children, tweens, adolescents, and young adults. My expertise in both therapy and assessment provides me with a unique perspective on underlying reasons for behaviors and appropriate interventions.

I have worked and trained at hospitals and organizations in the New York metropolitan area including the following:

The Child Mind Institute

Lenox Hill Hospital-Northwell Health

New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center

Mount Sinai Morningside

Zucker Hillside Hospital-Northwell Health

Areas of Specialization

Neuropsychological and Diagnostic Evaluations

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Exposure and Response Prevention

ADHD and Executive Functioning Challenges

Autism Spectrum Disorder



Neuropsychological Evaluations & Evidence-Based Treatment

Through research-based standardized assessments, I evaluate preschoolers through young adults. I work to pin point each individual's strengths and needs, and empower families with clarity and direction for therapeutic and educational planning. In collaboration with parents, schools, and related providers, I help identify appropriate school-based supports, including classroom placement, services,

and accommodations, while drawing upon my experience in educational advocacy.

I conduct comprehensive assessments of learning disabilities, autism, language disorders, nonverbal learning disorder, ADHD and executive functioning weaknesses, emotional and behavioral difficulties, and giftedness. Assessments may also be conducted to determine your child’s learning profile or if a child or adult qualifies for standardized test accommodations (e.g., SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, ISEE, TACHS, SSAT). Neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations are tailored to your child to clarify his or her abilities. Assessments of Autism involve standardized measures and parent interviews that examine social communication skills and related behaviors. Following the evaluation, personalized recommendations for learning plans and therapeutic supports are provided in a collaboratively oriented feedback session

and user friendly reports.

I am proud to also offer Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for anxiety, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for OCD,

Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE), and behavioral parent training to reduce misbehavior and

improve the parent-child relationship.

CBT involves teaching skills that change thinking and behavior, leading to enduring improvements in mood, functioning, and quality of life. Through CBT, I teach clients tangible skills to improve their daily lives, and manage life stress and challenges in growing up. ERP involves exposure to the thoughts, images, situations, and objects triggering anxiety and working towards not engaging in behaviors that alleviate but ultimately reinforce that anxiety. The SPACE Program is a parent-based intervention developed at the Yale Child Study Center that has been proven effective in treating childhood anxiety and OCD.



Thank you for your interest in our services. Please note that Dr. Casey is not currently accepting new therapy clients or scheduling evaluations at this time. The following are recommended resources for finding a therapist: and


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